AI Assistant for Construction Teams to Manage

Developers, General Contractors and Trade Contractors delegate their administrative tasks to Nicky AI and save 3+ hours/day.

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Hey Nicky!

How can Nicky help you?

Digital Voice Assistant

Ask Nicky to handle your project management tasks.

Document Control

Supercharged submittal and RFI management with AI. Automated workflows and cover sheets.

Task & Email Management

Let AI keep track of open tasks and manage your email inbox.

Meet your AI Assistant

Delegate Administrative Work to Nicky. Nicky AI Maintains Your Submittals, RFIs and Tasks.

Hey Siri Nicky, show me the approved electrical panel submittal

Your voice-enabled personal AI assistant trained for construction tasks.

Show me the approved electrical panel.

Hey Nicky!

Send an email to Apex Studio and  ask about the apartment vestibule sketch.

Coversheet Generated
Submittal Created
Coversheet Generated

Workflow Created

AI Powered Submittal and RFI Management

Save hours in document control with AI enabled features including cover sheet generation and workflow automation.

Streamlined Task Management for Teams

Assign and oversee tasks for General Contractors, Subcontractors, and Designers.


AI Powered Construction Management

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